Developing a strategy for communication campaigns takes some research and competitive analysis. Talk to users, customers, potential buyers. Outlining your business USP and defining key objectives to communicate them helps guide deliverables. Whether for events, trade shows, collateral or glam, design decisions are less subjective when tied to an overarching strategy map.

A formal strategy rolled out in phases helps provide feedback on the push, with subsequent course corrections if needed. With a lot of moving parts, implementing the strategy can take a dedicated team. Need a collaborative teammate used to wearing a few hats?

Print Design

Since College study breaks spent browsing Communication Arts magazine, I’ve worked on published pieces, from tiny magazine ads and micro-brochures to a book of 1,049 pages. From Trade show walls and posters to book covers, it is a joy to create beautiful, interesting or useful work. Brand guidelines impose design constrictions. Having designed them myself, I find freshness in the utility.

As a purveyor of knowledge, print continues to work as a curated, shareable resource in a huge array of formats. Experienced from art selection, typography, design and layout through press check.

Web Design

Proposed as an ‘information management system’ in 1989, internet use has moved from desks to fields, homes to cars. Any business can benefit from a Web presence. Separating goals from content is the first step to building a web presence. Why do users go to the site? What would you like them to act on? Can they easily navigate the site — on a phone?

Content first. What is the site about? How will content fit search engine needs? How many forms of content will there be? What content growth is expected? What backend business needs have to be considered?

From goals, wireframes locate major elements like navigation and legal notices. Mockups and tests builds, then final content and live posting.




Good marketing helps create a company or brand persona that sets or matches market expectations. Facts and figures, a close affiliation with sales and product development. It’s an exciting intersection of business needs, art, science, magic and people. Campaign efforts are trackable so marketing analytic needs can determine a lot of design deliverables. I’m often called upon to deliver pieces of the customer journey.

User Experience

Mobile first or responsive web delivery? Information delivery needs depend on how users want to find and use your information. I enjoy designing components that are incorporated into different delivery vehicles by developers.

In any media, good design guides users to and through information. Are you appealing to all users, or only advanced users? The hamburger (stacked bars) is still new to some users. Does it make sense to veer from established standards?—why? Progress bars, information steps and error message solution avenues are user-friendly in any design implementation.


Everyone is working hard to keep up. Disruption is a new normal. Quick change requires a quick response — work in technology companies and with leading adopters keeps me nimble. If you need something that is not mentioned here, I may have tackled it already, just ask.

Our everyday computer tools are amazing. I’m not a software engineer or web developer and am appreciative of the technology needed to deliver my basic services. I am PC or Mac and sometimes both, because it is not about me, but about you and your users and their devices.


User adoption continues to grow as debate about the ROI of social media continues. Providing interesting or valuable content where potential customers, advocates and employees digitally live is like a hosted open house. Eye candy invites interaction. Specific calls to action can be shared and distributed.

In an open and more collaborative world, social media serves an educational niche. Being able to participate in conversations across the globe is an amazing opportunity. Social media lets me visit my client in a moment, even though they may be a 2-day drive or overnight flight away.

Technical Expertise

Expertise is multi-pronged, times keep changing. Before releasing something to the wild, I double-check the project. Left-brain work.

Proofing and Editing

More eyes make less strain and a stronger voice. Writing is hard work. Editing to tone, timbre and messaging plus styleguides.

 Pixel perfect

RGB, CMYK, SEO friendly and small enough to email. Project needs vary greatly, many are delivered in several final formats. Tiny icons, light web images.

Social ready

Social media is a great place to start or share a conversation with current and potential customers. Snackable conversation starters. Helping versus pitching.


Fast, efficient, web tools to get it there on time.

Business Presentations

Executive presentations drive results. Just the right amount of information to show and tell or show and sell. Your customers count, up and down.

Winning is friendly

Hosting a special event or special campaign? Design from invitations to give aways. Event presence design and advertising. Posters, tickets, T-shirts, buttons or badges to a quick video compilation.

Out of the box

Good conversation can lead to a new direction, a solution that wasn’t on the table. Team collaboration with stakeholders informs creative direction and useful goals.

Great Work, Together!