Time and Place


A single day may show many faces and have many energy profiles. Amazing how fast a powerful storm can spring to life, spend itself and break apart to calm clear skies. The thunderhead over Skaneateles was a strong warning, heeded. A tornado was seen less than an hour later.

  • Turo, Cape Cod, MA – October
  • Ft Meadow Reservior, Marlboro, MA – July
  • Ft Meadow Reservior, after the storm
  • Setting Sun, Ottisco Lake, NY – October
  • Thunderhead, Skaneateles, NY – July
  • Pamet River, Truro – July
  • Sunset above the Pamet River, Truro – October
  • Calm birds, Marlboro, MA – June

A cold and windy Truro weekend

Rather than kayaking in shorts, I was in layers and grateful for socks that served as some buffer even when wet. The second day my toes were tinged in blue by the time I quit for the day.