Clients and work needs vary.

  1. Morning Glory Designs web evolution
  2. Cover photo-illustration
  3. Geothermal web site
  4. Business launch, print work
  5. Human Kinome poster illustration
  6. Biotechnology web site
  7. Catalog and product guide covers
  8. Coaching/ training web site
  9. Filtration solutions web site
  10. Illustrations
  11. Logo design for creative retreat space

A quick view of a range of work.

  • HVAC professional at work
    At work. Catalog photography

    Master HVAC designer installing finishing touches on a new heating system.

  • Tshirt illustration
    Label - illustration

    Multi-purpose project - beer bottle labels, t-shirts and poster element.

  • print advertisement and detail
    Print advertisement

    Love to grill? Background photo options didn't work as well as white. See pdf.

  • web entry flash
    Web site home page

    Playwright web site done in Illustrator & flash. Button-interest areas brightened on hover.

  • photo illustration example before and after
    Photo-illustration, product development

    Source photo altered and components added to show product ready for use.

  • restaurant menu front back
    Restaurant menu / front & back

    Character-building. Inside pages are white, complemented by food category illustrations.

  • Web site inner page

    Banner design and customer-oriented montage. Very interesting technical product offering to niche customers.

  • prism colors bottles photography
    A prismatic moment

    I see in minutae and grand scale. A moment of sunlight coloring items on my neighbors' shelf. And then it was gone.

  • catalog cover and product in use photo
    Product catalog cover

    In addition to professial HVAC installation, client is an inventor. Products save time and money on installation and future servicing.

  • photoshop and cgi
    Photo-illustration with cgi-composition

    Unbound. Expressions of joy and freedom can be transformative. What inspires you?

  • translucent land snail
    Light brings clarity

    On my knees in the road to capture this sunlit snail. Sunlight affects fleshtones, turning ears red and edging hands in warm outlines.

  • animated landing page
    Web site landing page

    This was very lightweight, 11 changes made the sparks fly. Gemtone button was repeated within site.